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What Information Do You Need in Order to Change?

What Information Do You Need in Order to Change?

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“Feedback is an effective tool for promoting efficient behavior: it enhances individuals’ awareness of choice consequences in complex settings. ” —“Feedback and Efficient Behavior,”


The power of FEEDBACK ...

The power of FEEDBACK ...

When you’re aware of how powerful feedback can be, you may find you’d like to start giving more of it.

When giving others feedback, remember what information they might need to make meaningful change and giving them insights that how they can improve themselves by their own ways . 

We all want to get better at something. Don’t underestimate the importance of feedback in helping you reach your goals.

How FEWDBACK brings a CHANGE ??

How FEWDBACK brings a CHANGE ??

Having direct feedback on the results of your specific actions can reinforce positive changes, help you developing habits , and inspire you to take further action.

Feedback also helps you set goals for what you can reasonably accomplish.

Trying to make ongoing systemic changes in life without feedback is hard. Feedback gives you the information you need to improve. Without it, you may be completely missing the mark of what you want to achieve.



Everyone want to be expert in their fields and for this we do research, we think of strategies , but sometimes we get stuck because we aren’t sure if what we’re moving in the right direction or not .

When you’re stuck, you need FEEDBACK . Feedback is a valuable source of information that you can use to effect the changes you want.

You need information that tells you what you’re doing well and where you’re going wrong. Then you can use that information to improve yourself .

Be open to the FEEDBACKS you receive ...

Be open to the FEEDBACKS you receive ...

To improve yourself you have to be open to the feedback you receive . Getting defensive, critical, or shutting down to the feedback will lead you to miss information and prevent others from giving you feedback in the future.

Knowing when to ignore feedback that isn’t useful or is badly intentioned can be just as useful as knowing when to seek out the kind of feedback that is instructive.

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