The power of FEEDBACK ... - Deepstash
The power of FEEDBACK ...

The power of FEEDBACK ...

When you’re aware of how powerful feedback can be, you may find you’d like to start giving more of it.

When giving others feedback, remember what information they might need to make meaningful change and giving them insights that how they can improve themselves by their own ways . 

We all want to get better at something. Don’t underestimate the importance of feedback in helping you reach your goals.


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How to give great feedback

Great feedback isn't about convincing others to do things your way - it is about giving them insight on how to improve on their own methods.

Giving feedback requires an awareness of what you're saying and how you say it...

1. Understand the importance of embracing feedback

1. Understand the importance of embracing feedback

Feedback can come in different ways and forms and are mostly tied to your customer's experience of your product or service. Their personality also plays an important role in how the feedback is given.

Feedback should only make us see how we can make the most of an already thriving...

2. They take feedback

2. They take feedback

Genuinely self-aware people have the humility to understand that they can't always see themselves objectively. They also know that the best way to gain more objectivity about yourself is through the perspective of others.

If you want to see yourself through the eyes of other people,...

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