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“The best properties are rarely for sale.

The best employees are rarely job hunting.The best clients are rarely shopping.

The best option is usually off the market. Most people think this means you can’t have it. What it really means is you have to go find it and sell yourself.”



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Lawyer turned Artist Visionary Curator & Gallerist. Empowering self-love and joy through art & words. www.innerjoyart.com 💝 Instagram : dymphna.art

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Mood Boosters: Put Yourself in a Happy Mood

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The power of gratitude and positive thinking

Ways to improve your mood

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If you're not really interested in doing this thing (goal, project, etc.):

  • Don’t do it: Stop lying to yourself and just quit.
  • Find a strong WHY under the surface: If you can’t quit (maybe it's for your job), you need to find a way to think differently about it. 

Three Quick Steps to Get Rid of Anger

  1. Suppress rarely. You’ll feel worse inside and hurt the relationship.
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Collect feedback

  • Ask your trusted testers: what do you like about this product? What are the three things you would change about it? Would you use this?
  • Negative feedback is really important at this stage and you need to know what to do with it. 
  • Make a change of so...

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