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5 ways to take the lead of your performance review

5 ways to take the lead of your performance review


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5 ways to take the lead of your performance review

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Are performance reviews effective?

Recently more and more companies are drastically reframing or ditching their annual performance rating process altogether. That's because people are dynamic and a single, standard review process cannot accurately encompass every employee’s achievements.

Employees’ skills and development needs are constantly evolving due to personal factors and external influences. Given this, assigning a static rating annually based on the prior twelve months of work doesn’t make much sense. If anything, that annual rating may oftentimes serve to disincentivize employees.


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  • Be sure to know what's expected of you. It’s really difficult to improve within your role when expectations have not been properly communicated to you. 
  • Ask for feedback. If your company doesn’t have a formal, regular feedback process in place, seek feedback. People are more than willing to provide information that will help you improve. 
  • Accept the feedback and apply it. There is nothing more frustrating as a manager than taking the time to give constructive feedback, to then watch that employee continue to make the same mistakes. 
  • You are the captain of the ship that is your career. Successful employees are aware of what they need to do to improve, advocate for their own learning and growth, and aren’t afraid to communicate their successes (when appropriate to do so). 
  • Embrace the power of ‘not yet.’ It can be powerful to remind yourself that while you may have not mastered a certain skill or achieved a goal yet, you certainly can. 


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