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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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The Duties of a Customer Success Manager

The Duties of a Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Managers are responsible for developing a positive and trusting relationship with the client. This is a unique role that is a hybrid of customer service and sales.

When keeping up with your customer's value, it is important to communicate with them in a way that has sincerity. The results of your efforts to create value are measured in the customer's perception of that value.


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When there is a New Feature of Product/Solution

Using the customer success software, when a new feature of the product arises, this is a great opportunity to reach out and ask to lend a helping hand.

By doing this, it helps show the feature's value in the initial calls, but don't make this call time consuming because most people don't have the time for that and are likely to not use the feature again.


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When there is Unachieved Desired Outcome of Product

Your customer signed up with particular objectives in mind but somewhere along the way they might have forgotten.

If they haven’t reached their desired result, then brainstorm a few ideas to help them achieve their goals with their existing investment.

This makes the conversation have more sense because it invokes trust and lets them know you care enough to not let their investment go to waste.


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When Introducing a Complementary Feature

If your customer purchased your product to achieve a particular goal “A” do but they’re currently only using 2 out of 10 of the main features needed to achieve the goal “A”, use your customer success software to compare actions between your customer and users with similar attributes.

You’re already using features 1 and 2. When customers within your same vertical also use feature 3, they’re able to achieve “A” just by expanding their understanding of how to use our product.

Show them a quick win and they’ll be more likely to pick that phone up next time you give them a call.


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When an opportunity for an upsell arises

It's often difficult and risky to initiate an upsell conversation with a costumer out of the blue. It can be inconvenient and could cause in a loss of trust.

Instead of this, incorporate an upsell conversation into a current commercial engagement like a project renewal or an expansion. This way it won't feel forced or awkward.


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