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How to Turn App Users Into Paying Customers

How to Turn App Users Into Paying Customers


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How to Turn App Users Into Paying Customers

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Don't think in terms of software and users

The first step of any technical development is a mindset shift.

When your platform is the core of your business, you're not building software for users, you're creating a product for customers.

This small shift in mindset influences everything from capturing customer information to developing the user experience and user interface.


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A customer is a customer before they use your product it's the moment they decide that your business is worth a look.

It's also when the clock starts ticking for you to capture everything you need to know in order to close the sale. Your goal is to save that customer to your database, preferably with a way to contact them.

A customer is still a customer long after they lose interest in your product and that one database record might be enough to rekindle their interest. A customer prospect email address or mobile number is always a valuable thing, even when it's not immediately valuable.


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Any data that connects back to a real human need additional protection around:

  • View: Only the customer themselves and employees with administrative rights should be able to view PII(personally identifiable information).
  • Storage: All PII should be encrypted when it's stored.
  • Transfer: Data, especially PII, should travel in and out of your product in an encrypted manner
  • Privacy: Customers should have self-service access to all the data they generate, they should know how that data is used, and they should be able to request its removal without breaking your product.


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When you start tracking them, give them a status--a simple identifier that they've begun their journey. As they move, keep updating that status : Maybe they tried a demo, signed up for an email newsletter , whatever it may be.

Update that status all the way through to purchase, then track more data as they use the product. Track how often they use it, for how long, which features they use, and anything else that might give you a sense of where they find the most value.

When customers start to lose interest, you can take action to recapture their attention.


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Your customers are the most important data set you have, and your most valuable asset, so spend the most time making sure you capture that value.


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