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Is it right or productive to watch workers?

Is it right or productive to watch workers?

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Surveillance software for employees

Surveillance software for employees

The office is not only a place to do work. It is also a place to be observed doing work.

A large number of companies whose workforce has gone remote have acquired surveillance software to continue observing their employees work. However, employee monitoring software may not be a good thing for employees who prize their privacy and employers who desire a good relationship with their staff.


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Surveillance pros and cons

Studies show that being watched reinforces positive social behaviours. For example, if you think you're being watched, you're likely to donate to charity and less likely to steal or litter.

However, studies also show that surveillance tends to undermine trust between employees and employers. Employees perceive their working conditions as more stressful. They experience higher levels of job boredom, fatigue, anger, anxiety, and depression.


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Privacy matters

A rise in employee surveillance accelerated during the pandemic. However, we are also more accustomed to being watched. We accept cameras in novel spaces such as doorbell cameras, webcams and smartphones. We accept data tracking on websites and assume that our information is used.

Yet, despite the possibility that monitoring is becoming more accepted, people still don't like the nature of surveillance. The solution to maintaining increased productivity and remote work is to trust employees and discard the spyware.


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