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How to Create a Culture of Feedback

How to Create a Culture of Feedback

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The struggle with feedback

The struggle with feedback

Study after study report that the majority of managers today are terrible at providing feedback. Yet, we also know that regular feedback leads to improved employee engagement. 

Employees want more, effective feedback — but managers are terrible at providing it. So how do we reconcile this? Small, incremental improvements can happen by individuals resolving to do better, but the real impact happens when the entire culture becomes comfortable with feedback. 


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Assess your relationship with feedback

An organization must start by acknowledging its current state. If you don’t have a feedback culture, but want one, then say that. 

And, while you say it, recognize openly where you’re starting from, and acknowledge that some people may have had bad experiences. From there, commit to doing better.


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Switch up the format

The problem in many businesses is that feedback is a one-way street. Bosses critique their subordinates’ work and that’s the end. Ensure everyone in the company gets — and gives — feedback through regular, standardized cadences.

Here are some recommended feedback cadences:

  • Boss to subordinate
  • Subordinate to boss
  • Peer to peer.


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