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5 ways to build a sense of belonging at work

5 ways to build a sense of belonging at work

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Building a culture of belonging

Building a culture of belonging

Employees with a strong sense of belonging are ten times more likely to recommend their company as a place to work. They are also more likely to feel enthusiastic about their work.

You feel a sense of belonging when you feel connected and secure within a community.

There are five pillars of belonging:

  1. Welcomed
  2. Known
  3. Included
  4. Supported
  5. Connected


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An employee who feels like an outsider may find it difficult to change their perception. To help an employee feel welcomed from the start, use a thoughtful onboarding process.

  • Employees will feel more welcomed if they are encouraged to be involved in their company from the start.
  • Ensure new employees receive all relevant information and resources, get coaching from their manager, and can easily connect with their peers.


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A team feels known when an organisation understands what they value and what they want from the organisation.

When employees open up, listen and allow them to share to help them connect. The insights gained will help your organisation develop cultural alignment.


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Inclusion is more than how people socialise at work. It's accepting and valuing your employees' identities and experiences.

  • Make diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts a priority.
  • Foster an environment of psychological safety so that team members feel comfortable in the way they act and speak.
  • Create avenues for employees to share their thoughts anonymously.


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Every employee should feel supported by their organisation, manager and teammates to empower them to succeed.

  • Start by providing all team members with the tools, training, and resources to succeed.
  • Provide ways for your employees to grow, such as training initiatives and clear career paths.
  • Strive to establish a healthy work-life balance.


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Your organisation must focus on the potential for employees to find meaningful connections. While connections between employees often happen naturally, you can also facilitate them.

  • Make a diverse workforce a priority as it ensures that every individual can see themselves represented.
  • Make time for team building activities.


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Provide recognition

Recognition is central to the five pillars of belonging and should be encouraged. When employees are recognised, they are five times more likely to have a strong sense of belonging.

Employee recognition takes the form of social and monetary recognition.


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Good Friendships are priceless 🤗


Organizations that develop a culture of belonging are more likely to have engaged employees that are devoted to their work.

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