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6 Best Ways To Improve Your SEO Marketing Strategy in 2022

6 Best Ways To Improve Your SEO Marketing Strategy in 2022

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Improving your ranking on search engines

If you want to remain at the top of Google's results page, you have to up your game in SEO.

As you plan to market your brand to a new segment in 2022, you can improve your existing SEO marketing strategy by paying attention and implementing some SEO trends.


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Quality content

Quality content is still one of the main pillars for SEO trends. Google is interested in quality and original content and has guidelines that you should always strive to follow.

  • Accuracy. Your content should be accurate, on point, and relevant to your target audience.
  • Readability. Content should be easy to read and understand. Use simple language, and ensure the information is verifiable. Improve readability with white space in your content.
  • FAQ. Focus on answering some common questions users may have about your product.
  • Include blogging and newsletters in your content marketing strategy.


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Optimize your website for voice search

The arrival of smart speakers and voice activation in vehicles caused voice to become the primary form of search. About 58% of consumers use voice search when looking for local business information. To optimize your website for voice search, create conversational content.

How you can do this:

  • Include FAQs on your website.
  • Write your titles and subheading in question format.
  • Keywords should cater more for conversational-based searches.
  • Turn long-tail keywords into questions and ensure your content provides accurate answers.


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Focus on technical SEO and site speed

  • Technical SEO. Poor user experience turns users from your site. Use tools like DeepCrawl to uncover technical issues that need immediate attention.
  • Invest in the core web vitals to make Google crawl your site easily. Google also considers page experience when ranking your website.
  • Use tools like the Finteza Lighthouse report to help identify issues that are slowing down your website. 


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Ensure your website remains accessible

Every internet user, including those with disabilities, should be able to see your website and access your content.

What you can do:

  • Ensure all the images you publish have ALT tags to make them readable by those using screens.
  • Ensure your website meets all the WCAG rules.
  • Ensure that the screen reader can read text and widgets by adding ARIA attributes to the site.


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Link building plan

  • Ensure you focus on quality links from authority sites in your industry and hyperlink them to your site.
  • The purpose of link building is to encourage other websites to link to your website too.
  • Ensure only to publish content people can use as reference.
  • Ask authority sites in your industry to link one or two of your blogs or web pages. Most site owners will offer guest blogs for backlinking.


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Research user intent

Know your target audience, what they think of and what they're likely to look for when searching your brand online. What keywords are they likely to search? Then, pick those phrases and keywords.

The easiest way to review user intent is to type a specific keyword on the Google search box and analyse the results.


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