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How to Perform an SEO Audit in 18 Steps

How to Perform an SEO Audit in 18 Steps


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How to Perform an SEO Audit in 18 Steps

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What is an SEO Audit?

SEO audit is the process of identifying issues that could prevent your site from ranking on Google and other search engines.

Common reasons for SEO audit:

  • You just landed a new SEO client and are putting together a growth strategy.
  • You started a new job and, like the above, are putting together a strategy.
  • You bought a website and want to figure out your next steps.
  • You experienced a drop in organic traffic and need to discover why.
  • Part of your ongoing SEO strategy includes regular audits to allow you to find and fix issues quickly (we recommend quarterly).


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  • a SEO Audit Tool
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google PageSpeed Insights


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  1. Benchmark Your Rankings and Understand Your Competitors (position tracking)
  2. Check For Duplicate Versions of Your Site in Google's Index
  3. Check Your Site's Indexed URLs (using "")
  4. Check For Manual Actions (Google's Webmaster Quality Guidelines)
  5. Analyze Your Site's Speed
  6. Confirm That Your Site Uses HTTPS
  7. Check For Mobile-Friendliness Issues
  8. Analyze and Resolve Indexation Issues
  9. Understand Your Site's Page Experience
  10. Audit Your On-Page SEO


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  1. Fix Broken Internal Links
  2. Clean Up Your Sitemap
  3. Check Your Redirects
  4. Check For Toxic Links (links that Google considers to be an attempt to manipulate your search rankings)


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  1. Find and Fix Duplicate Content Issues
  2. Identify Thin Content Pages (typically of little or no value to both users and search engines)
  3. Fix Issues With Orphan Pages (not linked to/from any other page)
  4. Compare Your Content To Top Ranking Pages & Analyze Searcher Intent


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