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Schedule Podcast Guests Like The Pros: 5 Easy Ways to Impress – Smart Passive Income

Schedule Podcast Guests Like The Pros: 5 Easy Ways to Impress – Smart Passive Income

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Why growing a podcast audience seems difficult

Why growing a podcast audience seems difficult

  • Podcasts are traditionally only audio. It is essential to grab your listener's attention immediately.
  • Audio is not as easy to share as text or video.
  • Discovering podcasts is a slower process and based on word-of-mouth recommendations and personal tastes.

It means you have to be strategic about how you get your show heard. Having guests on your show can help with exposure as they will share your podcast with their audience.


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Do extensive research

One way to impress your guest is to demonstrate that you've done your homework on them. It will increase the chance that your guest will share the episode with their audience or refer you to other guests.

  • Use Twitter advanced search. Filter by min. faves or replies to find which topics started a conversation.
  • Use search hacks to pull up your guests best content. Use search operators in Google or BuzzSumo to find content associated with a person.
  • Research your guest's LinkedIn profile.
  • Quora answers. If your guest is active on Quora, search through their answers for ideas or questions to ask.


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Send your guest a prep email

Once you've set a time, send over a list of questions or topics to help them prepare. Add a package of marketing material they can use to promote your episode.

Giving your guests time to prepare their thoughts on questions and topics will impress your guest and add value to your listeners with thoughtful answers.


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Personalise the scheduling link

Use a scheduling tool that allows guests to book a time directly on your calendar. Impress your guests and avoid offence by personalising your scheduling links.

Pre-fill your guest's name and email address to make it easier to book a time with you.


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Create a guest page on your podcast website

Make the guest experience as seamless as possible so that they don't feel confused at any stage.

One way is to provide a "Guest Page" with essential details, such as contact and recording information.


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Streamline production follow-up

Provide your guest with a link to your Google Drive or Dropbox so they can upload any audio recorded locally on their end.

Once you've scheduled the episode to publish, ensure to send your guest a note about which day they can expect it to go live. This will help to amplify it and to grow your audience.


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