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Never Split the Difference


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Never Split the Difference

by Chris Voss

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3 Skills To Nail Every Negotiation

First understand, it's not a war it's a truce. Both sides are faced by different aspects of the same problem.


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#1 'Tactical' Empathy

Empathy is essential. Pay attention to them, Hear them! You should take their perspective to understand it fully. Use this empathy to create a bond between two parties. Identity the common aspects of the problem & make them take it your way.


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#2 Mirroring

It's very simple yet very effective skill. It's just repeating selected words from sentence in a specific tone. And by this people will explain further or will feel listened to. Use this so they will feel listened and will like you!


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#3 Labelling

It's a key technique. You label what they say with an emotion. If they say "damn, why it's so cloudy" you could say, "looks like you're sad" this is labelling, to take the emotion and information out.


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