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“Just do it” is great advice and a great slogan too! But we can’t live everyday “just doing it”. We need to spend time defining our business activities if we want it stand the test of time.


Clearly Defining Your Business Activities

Clearly Defining Your Business Activities


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Every Business Must Clearly Define Its Activities

Many small businesses operate with no laid down rules and operational procedures. Onboarding a new client, hiring new staff, customer relations, finding new customers. All these activities carried out without a plan will result in very low success rates. Making decisions on a whim can be very ri...

Detail Every Step To Drive Results

Thoroughly detailing the steps to drive results from each activity helps you to provide information at every stage to both the client and the team. At each stage, the documented process details what needs to be done such that anyone trained to understand this document can take it up and still get...

Reduce Risk

It makes you better disposed to handle every possible outcome reducing the risk of loss. You cannot completely eliminate risk but having a plan makes you ready at each point to tackle the issue and lower the cost involved.

Increase productivity

Knowing and predicting what happens at each stage in the process means less time spent on decision making which gives room to increase productivity at each stage as you have an increased capacity to take on more clients.

Promote Continuity

Building businesses that last requires consistency. It is important to have a set of laid down procedures that guide business activities and can be passed down for generations. Consistently following these procedures will expose loopholes in the system that can be resolved to improve the processe...

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