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Cacao vs Cocoa: What's the Difference?

Cacao vs Cocoa: What's the Difference?

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Cacao Or Cocoa?

Cacao Or Cocoa?

Cacao Beans are Seeds of a Tree called the Theobroma cacao Tree.

To simplify Cacao refers to the raw, fermented, unRoasted product.

Cocoa refers generally to proceeded SubProducts of chocolate production ; i.e. powder and butter obtainted after roasting and extraction.


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Organic Origin Of Cacao

Cacao is extracted from the Theobroma cacao seeds : Cacao Beans (Fèves in FR).

These seeds are contained inside Pods (Gousse) and surrounded into a sticky organic matrix.


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Cacao / Cocoa Production Process

  1. Fermentation : raw humid beans are fermented by yeasts and other microbes.
  2. Drying - Séchage : Several days later the product is called Cacao and available for chocolate makers.
  3. Roasting - Torréfaction : Unless a raw product is desired. From this step Roasted cacao Beans are called Cocoa.
  4. Crushing : Produces nibs, small pieces of cacao Beans.
  5. Grinding : Produces a liquor, separated into Cocoa Butter (50%) and Cocoa Powder (50%). Pressure is required for separation.


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Choosing The Correct Appellation

There’s not complete agreement on when to use the terms cacao and cocoa respectively.

Makers of raw (unroasted) or less processed cacao bean products often use the word cacao rather than cocoa, which may imply that they’re more natural & healthy products.

In a Nutshell :

  • Cocoa ~ Processed
  • Cacao ~ Raw


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Gifts from Nature are immense. Healing our bodies through food is one of the most ancien knowledge of Humanity. As an Agronomist I am as fascinated as grateful for the wonders mother Earth is providing us.

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