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How to Be a Good Listener

How to Be a Good Listener


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How to Be a Good Listener

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  • Nod your understanding and make eye contact with the speaker.
  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Maintain body language that shows you are interested.
  • Avoid slouching in your chair and looking bored.
  • Take notes, but continue to stay focused on the speaker, looking up often.


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Ignore Distractions

  • Sit up front.
  • Tune out or shush any chatter around you.
  • Face away from windows and turn off your phone to avoid distractions.
  • Identify your prejudices and prevent them from generating an emotional response.


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Keep An Open Mind

  • Focus on the speaker’s central ideas, ignoring the delivery, the speaker or the emotions and judgments you have on the idea.
  • Give the speaker your full attention.
  • Listen for the significance of the message.


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  1. Half listening: when you’re listening to some, but not all that being said for whatever reason.
  2. Sound listening: when you are aware words are being said, but doesn’t properly take in the meaning.
  3. Active listening: when you are fully focused in apprehending the meaning and intent of what’s being said and you communicate that to the speaker.


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Develop active listening by practicing these three skills:

  • Keeping an open mind
  • Ignoring distractions and being fully present
  • Participating and showing interest


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