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What Should You be Looking in Your Co-founder?

What Should You be Looking in Your Co-founder?

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Choosing a co-founder

Choosing a co-founder

Choosing a business partner is similar to choosing a life partner. If you make a wrong decision, it can make life overly complicated.

When you know you will need to spend countless hours together, it is wise to find someone with whom you can get along and trust well. Choosing a co-founder requires you to make a level-headed and informed decision.


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Complementary skills

It is often good to find someone who can balance your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you don't have sufficient technical knowledge, look for one that can balance it out.

The business partner you choose should be willing to fit with the culture of your company.


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Mutual respect

To maintain a working relationship, choose someone you can respect and talk things over with. The person should be as intelligent and hardworking as you.

Both of you should respect and accept the other's contribution to the company.


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Mission and passion alignment

Mission and passion alignment

The mission and passion of both partners should be aligned.

Ensure that you are united over shared interests and are on the same page as far as the company's future is concerned.


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Personality match

A business partner should have a matched personality to yours. You will need to meet various people, and both of you should be presentable and confident.

If you can unwind with your business partner, you will be more able to meet the challenges of the job.


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We spend most of our time with work teammates. It makes sense to be better teammates ourselves. I read and stash about that.

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