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The Elevator Pitch: All You Need To Know


How to Write a Compelling Elevator Pitch That Sticks

How to Write a Compelling Elevator Pitch That Sticks


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The Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30-second description of what you do and the products or services you sell. The goal is to make a connection between you and the listener, be it a potential investor or a recruiter at a job interview.

Also known as an elevator speech, it should take...

  1. Your brand name, category, and product offerings.
  2. The problem you aim to solve.
  3. Your solution and key benefits.
  4. Your ask.

Every elevator pitch should start with who you are and your expertise. You’ll want a brand name that’s compelling, memorable, and intr...

A carefully crafted pitch delivers your unique value proposition, anticipates questions before they come up, and lets you start strong without tripping or scrambling for an answer. It’s the sales pitch for your startup and it makes a good first impression on listeners.

It is a versatile too...

A good hook should be flexible and depend on how well the person knows you, if they do at all. By the end of your introduction, the listener/reader should know:

  • Who you are (work experience, education, etc.)
  • Your brand and business model
  • Your product/service category an...

You need to exemplify who your target customer is and the opportunity you’re tapping into.

  • The pain points you’re solving.
  • The passions you’re letting people express.
  • The gap you’re filling and opportunity you're creating.
  • The amount of time/money you’re helping...

Instead of glossing over your competition, acknowledge it—especially if you’re pitching to someone who knows your industry or market. Drawing attention to the competition gives you an excuse to explicitly differentiate your business from others.

A comparison regarding what value you are add...

You want to tell them just enough so they really want to find out more, and want to book that meeting/call where you can go into more detail, or are prepared to make time immediately to talk in more detail. But what you do want to make sure you land within that elevator pitch is how your business...

Templates offer a good starting point, but you want to make it your own as much as you can. As always, practice makes perfect, and the more feedback you get over time, the more you can improve your pitch.

My name is [YOUR NAME], founder of [YOUR COMPANY]. We offer [PRODUCT/SERVICE] for ...

My name is Vicki, a marketer at Acme Tech. We offer a platform that enables both the early entrepreneur and the large enterprise to build and run their own stores.

Unlike most marketplaces where you can sell your products, Acme lets you build and brand your own online store wit...

  • Social proof is simply people doing what they observe others doing. 
  • People are more likely to engage with what is already popular. 
  • Social proof is used in advertising all the time. 
  • People want to belong and command the respect of others. It results in people copyin...

  • Storify your pitch and make the narrative compelling and attention grabbing.
  • Explain the product using a quick analogy(We are the Netflix of Laundry Detergents!)
  • Include concrete numbers.
  • Use words that are easy to remember and slogans that roll off the tongue or rhym...

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