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How To Create The Perfect Pitch Deck ⎪Predictable Revenue

How To Create The Perfect Pitch Deck ⎪Predictable Revenue


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The Importance Of Storytelling

If you’re not telling a compelling story, then you’re losing your audience before you’ve even started. Numbers and other data will make your audience believe but stories will make them engaged listeners.

There’s a big misnomer whereby people perceive storytelling as te...

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is putting together disjointed pitch decks that are very heavy on numbers but don’t have a story element. Presentations have an overload of information with endless bullet points while still failing to highlight critical aspects such as the custom...

The best way to highlight the problem is with a story. “You can weave the storytelling into the storytelling framework. Talk about your origin story. Where did you come up with the idea? What was the pain you identified in your lives or in the life of someone that you cared about? 

Think ab...

Ensure you can explain your product or solution simply in a solution statement. For example, “we do X for Y by Z.” It’s important that your solution statement is easy for anyone to understand.

You can then show your audience a demo. Take them on the user journey and showcase your product th...

You need to give a bit more insight into the business element by clearly explaining your business model, the market, the facts and figures, the competitive landscape, and the go-to-market strategy.

People often start off with the hero’s plan as the first act, which isn’t the best route to t...

This step details what the future looks like and the direction your business will take moving forward. “Where are you going? What’s your big vision? What will the company have shifted in the market when you are successful in three, five, or eight years from now?”

Establish the different mil...

When it comes to numbers, you want to include things like growth metrics, engagement, and revenue. Stay away from meaningless vanity metrics that add little to no value. Instead, go for the measurable statistics like monthly active users that’ll truly make an impact.

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This article talks about conversion-focused writing and how to create messages that drive sales. Check out the last idea for copywriting tips.



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Here are 10 signs that the time to hire an outbound sales team is now.



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