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Are You A Bad Delegator?

Are You A Bad Delegator?

Curated from: Brian Tracy

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Doing it all by yourself

Doing it all by yourself

When you have a role of responsibility or authority, such as your business, a leading role at work, or your family, you may try to do everything yourself because you want it done right.

But this could lead to slower progress, inefficiencies and exhaustion.


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Benefits of delegation

When you delegate, you assign responsibilities and tasks to others on your team.

Benefits include:

  • More time to focus on important tasks only you can do.
  • The involvement of others creates cohesiveness and engagement within your team. It helps others to grow.
  • It increases the quality of life as it reduces fatigue from overwork.
  • It boosts the morale of your teammates as they feel more valued and motivated.


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How to delegate correctly

The role of an effective manager is to move from doing your job to managing your job.

  • An essential part of managing is to delegate. Delegating helps people grow, eventually increasing their value to your company.
  • Teach, don't tell. Teaching someone how to complete the delegated tasks increases productivity and ensures higher-level results.
  • Trust your team as you decide which tasks to delegate. Empowering others to do their best means reminding them how good they are and how much you believe in them.
  • Give future-focused feedback. When improvements are needed, give solution-based feedback.


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Exploring the evolving role of leaders in the current context.


We can become better delegators by applying the tips in this video.

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