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The Physics of Innovation | Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog

The Physics of Innovation | Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog


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Innovation faces the inertia of the status quo defined by team members, organization culture, and whatever product or service solutions already exist. These all become anchors for evaluating the desirability of anything new. 

Every member of a team in any organi...

Purpose is not about a slogan on the conference room wall. It’s about knowing what you stand for, why your enterprise exists, and why you are there.

With purpose backed by passion and commitment, you can challenge and motivate yourself and others to accomplish hard goals. ...

By bringing people with different perspectives together to iterate ever-improving prototypes, and exposing the prototypes to users at each step, the change maker accomplishes key objectives: collaboration and inclusion build buy-in as people feel heard and are able to contribute their experti...

Taking multiple steps to iterate a prototype before declaring a readiness to go to market may feel like a slowdown.

But in fact, chunking down the work into iterative cycles can compress the time it takes to get to market with a product or service that works, and that people really...

Some amount of resistance to innovation happens when people tied to a prior success see the next big thing as a repudiation of their past contributions.

Take the edge off this emotional impulse by signaling respect and empathy with a simple practice: Complimen...

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