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Consumer brands and brand owners are under unusual pressure. They need to face more complex stakeholder networks while managing increasing expectations. Brands that accept a call to action to win the stakeholders loyalty could expect increased returns.


Navigating challenging stakeholder expectations of brands

Navigating challenging stakeholder expectations of brands


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Consumer brands are under pressure to keep consumer loyalty, manage the varied expectations, brand response to social issues and digital advancements. 

Stakeholder expectations for brands are merging with expectations for the companies that build and manage them. The most successful...

Research on exploring expectations, importance and actionability

In collaboration with McKinsey & Company, Consumer Brands Association studied expectations from the following stakeholder groups: consumers, retailers, employees, investors, and government.

Themes that emerged:

  • Brand authenticity: Be who you say you are.
  • ...

  • All stakeholders ranked brand transparency and consistency as the most valued expectation. Brands that fall short risk losing share, shelf space, and talent.
  • Brand purpose and story: When brands articulate what they stand for, customers, employees an...

  • Investors and employees are pushing brands for change and accountability. Employees are energised by sustainability commitments and hold the brand accountable for them.
  • The younger generations show a strong preference for greener brands. Consumers a...

  • Retailers are spreading the word. Internally, retailers are prioritising DEI efforts. DEI is difficult to track or measure and is often subjective. However, this buyer-driven approach may soon change.
  • Consumer spending habits lag behind. Most consume...

  • Consumers expect a seamless experience across channels. Brands can deliver more integrated experiences by connecting offline retail and digital.
  • Customers look to several sources for direct access to brands. Few consumers visit brand sites directly (...

Long-term trends will have a major impact on brand owners.

  • New capabilities are needed to meet expectations. Consumers expect greater personalisation, efficiency, and transparency. Retailers prefer brands that can minimise supply-chain friction.
  • Employe...

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