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Is the Network Effect Impacting Your Efficiency as an Entrepreneur?

Is the Network Effect Impacting Your Efficiency as an Entrepreneur?


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The network effect

The network effect in marketing is where an increase of users or people change the increased value proposition of the service or good.

For example, as Instagram Reels, inspired by TikTok's idea of short-form entertainment content, grew in popularity, so the value of Ins...

Media reports state that 80% of B2B buying decisions were based on direct and indirect communication. Only 20% were based on pricing and other logistics. In business, it's about building relationships.

Yet entrepreneurs who get involved in social media mark...

Call, message or have an in-person meeting with your existing clientele. Ask them if they need assistance.

Show interest in them. A chat can have a more profound effect than saying hello through your social media stories.

Webinars are popular and have become the new normal. 

Go to various meet and greet events in your city to network with people and use these events to reshape your existing clientele.

If you had an interesting conversation at a networking event, send a follow-up message.

Show them that you are really interested in having another discussion with them and ensure that you can add value.

Add a personal touch to most of your social media content.

Reflect your values, beliefs and mission to your community with your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profile.

Have a real interest in what your customers are saying. Listening can build closer relationships with your networks.

Talking regularly to your customers can create a voice effect. Your customers will be able to hear your voice when they read your social media profiles.

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