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How to Use an Instagram Link Sticker | Swipe-up removal

How to Use an Instagram Link Sticker | Swipe-up removal

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Stickers replaced 'Swipe Up' links

Instagram has many tools to help you get a better grasp on your audience's engagement. However, its swipe up links on stories has been replaced with stickers. Users can now direct their audience to external websites instead. 

The sticker function is an effort to streamline their sticker selections.


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The downside of the 'Swipe Up' feature

Marketers used the swipe up feature to track metrics, optimise click-through rates, and use it as a quick way to connect to landing pages.

  • But the swipe up feature also didn't allow your viewers to really interact with your content.
  • Your viewers couldn't comment or reply to a story with a swipe up link.
  • They were only for those with 10K plus followers or a verified account.


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Stickers are an upgrade

They give you greater creative control. The stickers look and work the same as other stickers. You can change the style and size and put it anywhere in your story.

More engagement. Users can get quick reactions and replies on posts with a link sticker.


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Building more engagement with link stickers

  • Make it pop. Use bright colours and attractive stickers.
  • Ensure your brand is visually consistent.
  • Use clear CTAs. People want to be told how they need to interact with your content.

However, be aware that the transition from the swipe up feature may take a while to catch on, and your link sticker numbers may fail to grow immediately. However, when they do, you'll be prepared.


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