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Use this Steve Jobs presentation hack to keep your audience's attention.

Use this Steve Jobs presentation hack to keep your audience's attention.


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The "wow" factor in a story

Steve Jobs intentionally designed a wow moment in every major product launch, using products like props in a magic show.

Jobs could have simply introduced the first iPod by showing photos, but instead, he took an iPod out of a small pocket of his jeans and said: "It's like carrying 1,000 so...

People naturally pay more attention to stories, so consider telling more of them. 

At the 2005 commencement address at Stanford University, Steve Jobs told three personal stories from his life. Many people remember Jobs talking about a calligraphy course in college, despite...

Science journalists put data into context to catch the readers' attention.

But they know the reader's eyes will glaze over topics like greenhouse gas emissions if the event is not put into context. So they wrote, "The concentration of gas in the atmosphere that causes c...

Our brains understand metaphors. We compare unfamiliar things to things we understand.

Billionaire Warren Buffet uses analogies to simplify complex financial topics. For example, he explains how he chooses winning companies by saying, "I look for economic castles prote...

A wow moment can be as simple as packaging content creatively to reveal a surprise.

In 2007, Steve Jobs repeatedly mentioned three new products - a new iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator. Finally, he stated that it is not three devices but one device: the iPhone.

We remember pictures better than words. In presentations, use short videos. People likely will pay intense attention to your screen. This is known as the "picture superiority effect".

If your presentation repeats the same pattern, you will lose your audience's attention. In...

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