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Your helpfulness at work is hurting your job performance

Your helpfulness at work is hurting your job performance


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Protecting high performers from "collaboration overload"

From when we were young, we learned that helping others is a virtue. But when we entered the business world, we soon discovered that being a helper at the office comes at a cost. 

High performers are often drawn away from their own work to help other employ...

Collaborative work is the time we spend working with and helping others. This includes email, phone calls and video chats. According to McKinsey, collaboration activities consume 42% of a knowledge worker's time, leaving less time for uninterrupted deeper work.

As we spend time on ...

We could blame Zoom and Slack for our difficulty finding time to focus, but the story is more complex. Studies show that 20% - 35% of value-added collaboration comes from 3% - 5% of employees. 

Helpful employees build a reputation for being capable and willing and are continually d...

Top performers know that saying "yes" to collaboration requests means saying "no" to other things. 

  • Identify the areas where you are best equipped to really add value.
  • Boundaries. Be clear with managers and team members about your working hours...

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