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How to talk about upskilling at a performance review or job interview

How to talk about upskilling at a performance review or job interview


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Don’t downplay the significance of completing a class

When taking an online class, especially in a subject seemingly unrelated to your profession, it’s tempting to be overly modest.

But pursuing a multi-week course requires long-term commitment, a strong work ethic, and time management skills, especially when you’re balancing it against o...

There’s such a thing as being overcommitted to your education. This may sound like obvious advice, but in the course of ordinary conversation, it’s easy to slip up and confess something you shouldn’t.

Therefore, keep your professional surroundings in mind and don’t let your guard ...

Don’t share your plans of an exit

When an adult decides to upskill, it’s often with their fantasy career in mind. Maybe they’re imagining transitioning from accounting to web design, or from lawyering to calligraphy.

Authenticity is a good thing, but don’t be so authentic as to spill the beans to your supervisor or hir...

Not everyone is going to take the time to review your self-evaluation or résumé in acute detail: managers are spending countless hours recruiting new employees and bending over backward to keep the ones they have.

To make your achievements known, it’s important for you to personall...

Review your new skills before holding a discussion with managers

Maybe you finished your class just before that big job interview or performance review, or maybe it’s been a couple of months. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to give yourself a refresher on what you actually did during the class so you can drop some impressive details in real-time.


Sometimes, making the direct connection between your work and the class you chose is easy—no one’s going to be surprised, for instance, when a financial analyst decides to brush up on her Excel skills.

They might be more skeptical, however, if that same analyst says she’s pursuing...

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