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Sensemaking for Sales

Sensemaking for Sales


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  1. Your customers are overwhelmed with information. Help them figure out what they need to know
  2. Analyst reports, corporate blogs, display advertising, email marketing, infographics, podcasts, white papers, word-of-mouth recommendations: All are competing for the opportunity to influence...

  1.  Salesrep employ a version of the Socratic method, not telling customers what to think but instead helping them create a framework within which to make their own decisions.
  2. The aim is to support customers regardless of the outcome. When the buyer’s direction aligns with the supplier...

  1. At Gartner, we surveyed 1,100 B2B customers.
  2. Nearly 90% agreed that the information they encounter as part of a purchase is generally of high quality; believable, relevant, backed by data, supported by expert analysis, and conveyed in a compelling manner. But they struggle to make s...

  1. When forced to decide in the face of overwhelming amounts of information, people often fall back on cognitive biases 
  2. Common ones include anchoring (relying too heavily on the first piece of information offered), belief perseverance (clinging to one’s initial thought), and the status...

  1. Customer’s decision confidence: the degree to which the buying group believes it has determined the right questions to consider, prioritized the information that matters most, and identified consistent themes. Customers high in decision confidence have managed to make sense ...

  1. Trust in the seller: Things typically end poorly when a customer senses that a rep has failed to provide complete and accurate information because the rep is focused on meeting his or her own needs. Customers who are highly skeptical of a rep’s claims are 1.6 times less like...

  1. Connecting customers with relevant resources: Sensemaking reps curate the information they share for utility and clarity, including only what will help customers advance with increasing confidence along their purchase journey. Sensemaking reps readily admit the limits of the...

  1. Clarifying information: In many ways, a sensemaking rep’s key to success is the ability to boost a customer’s belief that the rep empathizes with the difficulty of making a complex purchase decision. That requires helping customers feel that they’ve asked the right questions...

  1. Collaborating on customer learning. A sensemaking rep ensures that the conclusions customers reach are their own. The goal is to Socratically guide buyers on a learning journey, not tell them what to do. Sensemaking reps often encourage customers to independently verify sell...

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Everything in life is sales. Parents sell their kids on going to bed. Spouses sell their partners on mowing the lawn or putting the cat out. Appealing to a “consumer's” inner child and applying a trial-by-error approach are two ways to make sales more effectively.



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Creating and perfecting your sales sequence takes time



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