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Improving presentation skills


Seven ideas to improve your presentations

Seven ideas to improve your presentations


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How To Improve The Way You Presentation

Small tips in improving the way you present your ideas or any information to your

Slides Are Only For Support

The main purpose of slides is to support your presentation not to be the show runner. You must engage the audience with your speach by delivering a wonderful story that establishes your information. Use slides to help in retrieving contents to help you and the audience to grasp the story

Present In Context Of Your Audience

First structure your presentation based on your audience's needs. Then plan the structure of the information in a way that the audience can follow

Limit Each Slide To One Topic

After structuring your content, divide the narrative thread into slides, and each slide forms your building blocks for your entire goal of the presentation

Images Vs Text

The oldest quote "A picture is worth a thousand words". Make use of images to depict complex information or To engage users effectively. Use texts to convey important informants

Present In Chunks

Don't present a whole information in one go. Break it into smaller bits to help audience to follow it. Reveal bits and pieces to open up the big picture to your

Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse...

Don't memorize your presentation, go with the steps. Rehearse multiple times to get a flow to present without any stress

Add your personal touch such as jokes or funny images but be professional

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