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Feeling Uncertain? How To Move Forward Without A Plan



Feeling Uncertain? How To Move Forward Without A Plan
Sometimes the best plan is no plan. Learn the science-backed reasons why you can and should keep moving forward even when you are feeling uncertain.


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About uncertainty

About uncertainty

Most of us are quite addicted to a degree of certainty of all kinds, as this is what makes us feel safe. And now we all know nothing compares to feelings such as safety and control.

When faced with uncertainty, on the other hand, we tend to make irrational decisions, due to sheer fear.


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Stepping in the unknown

While it can be quite scary, stepping out in the unknown is necessary every now and then.

In order to push your limits, you should consider taking up new challenges that will not only make you experience fear, but most probably also later success into dealing with new and stressful situations. Furthermore, your brain will get trained to form new connections, which can only prove beneficial in the long run.

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Train your mind to defeat uncertainty

Recent research has shown that uncertainty scares people even more than knowing that things are going to actually end up badly.

Therefore, in order to be mentally prepared to beat uncertainty, what better way than just imagining the worst case scenario? If it turns out badly, you will at least not be taken by surprise and, if it turns out well, you will be happy.

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'Name it to tame it'

Fear can be harmful to us in more than too many ways. When feeling stressed because of an uncertain situation, try verbalizing your emotions.

You will feel a smaller burden afterwards and, surprisingly enough, you will be able to make better decision on how to handle these emotions.

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When you feel overwhelmed, start with small steps

When you feel overwhelmed, start with small steps

When you feel that you are unable to do even a menial task, your motivation is your biggest friend.

When a huge project is given to you and it feels overwhelming, give yourself some...

Aim for progress not perfection

We tend to feel unconfident whenever we are given a huge project but we are unable to provide excellent results the first time around.

Try to be kinder to yourself during this time and remember that perfection cannot be achieved in one try, not every project is flawless. The important thing to remember is to not let yourself succumb to fear that will prevent you from doing anything.

Reach out to your team for a fresh perspective

When you run out of ideas on how to finish your project or you need a different perspective for a fresh interpretation of the project, do not hesitate to ask other people for help.

Collaborating with other people can make you feel motivated on finishing a goal.

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Living With Uncertainty

Living With Uncertainty

Humans want to be certain about the future, as our mind perceives uncertainty and ambiguity as a problem. Our resistance to uncertainty is a cause of anxiety and worry.

We have to learn to ...

Do Not Resist Uncertainty

Resisting uncertainty makes it persist. Self-acceptance is a paradoxical secret to happiness.

Acceptance means meeting life where it stands, surrendering ourselves to a problem, and not being frustrated or disappointed about it. To resign is different from accepting, as acceptance can make us move forward and reach our goals.

Investing In Yourself

Self care is not a selfish thing to do. You being at your very best is good for you and for your family, friends, and loved ones, who always want you at your best.

If we do not invest in our bodies, our minds, and our spirit, we are doing injustice to ourselves, and also sabotaging our family, who may be dependent on us. It’s not hard to maintain yourself so that you get enough sleep and exercise.

The People Around Us Shape Us

The People Around Us Shape Us

Right from childhood, the people we interact with and spend time with are rewiring and shaping our brains at a neurological level.

Slowly and slowly, our brain is ‘pruned’ and tuned accordi...

Two Become One

If we are with someone we care about, our breathing synchronizes with them, along with the beating of the heart.

This ‘two become one’ phenomenon happens between infants and their caretakers, between therapists and their clients, people singing together, or taking a yoga session.

‘Body Budget’ Adjustment: The Power Of Love

  • If we raise our voice or even change our facial expression, we can affect what happens in other peoples bodies, brains and neurological systems.
  • If someone is in pain and we hold their hand, it can lessen their suffering. One tends to have a long and healthy life if their partners are supportive and caring and if the relationship with others is supportive.
  • Even if one has a serious disease, the power of love can increase the likelihood of getting better.