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I've been reading the Calm Workbook, and it provided inspiration for these ideas.

The Calm Workbook

The Calm Workbook

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How to Prioritize your Life

How can we create life that looks more and more like us, week in and out? This is a look into creating such life through practical tips.

The Calm Workbook has given inspiration for the ideas.

How can you know it's valuable?

We are often guided to set priorities for the day and week and afterwards reflect on them. But with too strictly worded a list, we may end up executing it instead of exploring life.

Going to an unknown or inconvenient territory and places should make it to our priority list more often than ...

What are you improving on?

And what are your tools to get there?

The most important tool that we can learn to use is reflective writing. How else can we start to improve our models and ideas thst make up life now? Writing down our goals, fears and musings with daily routine provides us with daily information about th...

Use the upper register

Writing with a routine also helps us in describing people, troubles and musings with sentences that elevate their value for you.

Imagine a friend comes to help you move. Instead of plainly describing the fact, imagine writing in the evening: "She is one friend I can always trust. I need to ...

View the Sublime

Going to the museum to view works of art without cameras can provide us with a perspective that escapes our view in the daily grind.

Every day we should seek to stare a painting, a nice view or an impressive photo for a while just to remind us that our busyness just might be quite insignifi...

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