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How to Choose Your Next Book - Farnam Street

How to Choose Your Next Book - Farnam Street


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The more basic knowledge you have … the less new knowledge you have to get

Choosing Your Next Book

Are you making the most of your reading time?

It turns out that most of the time the best way to improve your Reading Return on Invested Time (RROIT) is to carefully filter the books you read.

If you’re wondering what to read, here are two simple ideas that we can com...

Understanding Deeply

Get back to basics. 

Understanding the basics, as boring as it sounds, is one of the key elements of effective thinking. A lot of people assume the basics are not important and never really take the time to learn them, preferring the sexiness of complexity. Understanding a ...

The multidisciplinary mind understands the basic ideas. Acquiring the basic mental models from multiple disciplines allows you to see things that other people can’t.

You don’t need to understand the latest study in biology, but you sure as heck better understand the concept of evolution be...

Time Can Predict Value

What has been will continue to be. Something that is not fading away is here to stay.

The nonperishable is anything that does not have organic or avoidable expiration dates.

While produce and humans have a mathematical life expectancy that decreases with each day, some things, like bo...

Understanding Time-Tested Ideas

Focus on reading basic ideas that have stood the test of time as a means to understand them better.

Knowledge has a half-life. The most useful knowledge is a broad-based multidisciplinary education of the basics. These ideas are ones that have lasted, and thus will last, for a long time.


Take a simple idea and take it seriously.

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