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The mental models for learning are your weapons to help you understand more than the basics.


7 Mental Models for Learning To Understand More Than The bare Minimum

7 Mental Models for Learning To Understand More Than The bare Minimum



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Understanding mental models

Learning is not as easy as owning a device, internet connection and a page full of articles and videos.

Without a proper strategy, you may know isolated facts about everything, but it won't positively contribute to your future development. Understanding the seven mental mod...

Circle of Competence

We think we know much more than we really do.

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger developed the Circle of Competence. This mental model helps define what you know and what your limitations are. It enables you to avoid making decisions about subjects y...

Thought experiment

The purpose of the thought experiment is to delve deeper into a given field to improve your knowledge, uncover what you don't know, and strengthen your understanding of the world.

For example, a madman has tied 5 innocent people to a trolley track. An empty trolley car ...

Occam’s Razor

This mental model explains that when we have two explanations for the same thing, we should prefer the simpler explanation.

For example, when you're learning how to operate a complicated machine or reading a book in a field where you are a beginner, find the simpler exp...

The availability heuristic states that we make decisions and form conclusions based on the most recent information we gathered.

For example, if everybody starts investing in an "innovative" fund, you might do it yourself because of everything you've recently heard. But ...

Hindsight bias

Hindsight bias is when we see past events as being predictable. But that is because we now know what happened.

When you give feedback to a person about something he did, you know the facts. That means how you frame your criticism can be distorted. You might have done th...

Common knowledge

Common knowledge tries to describe the things everyone knows. For example, knowledge about money, that our planet circles around the sun, that 1 + 1 = 2.

However, common knowledge won't get you far in life. When you want to succeed in life, you want to stand out because you compete ...

The Feynman learning technique is not a mental model but a way to approach a subject to learn it faster and better.

  • Pretend you're teaching a concept to a child. Write down in simple terms everything you know about the subject.
  • Identify the gaps.

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