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How to Get Out of Bed and Start Running: Win the ‘Hero’s Minute’

How to Get Out of Bed and Start Running: Win the ‘Hero’s Minute’


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Not Feeling Like Working Out

What to do when there is no energy, enthusiasm or motivation to get up and run?

On a psychological level, this all comes down to the recognition that mood follows action. We feel better once we’ve completed the day’s training. You don’t have to feel excited or enth...

How do you take the first step out of bed?

The first minute of the morning alarm is the “hero’s minute.” Adopt a challenge mind-set for how critically important these 60 seconds are in your decision making.

The early morning alarm pits us directly between a state of comfort...

Winning The Hero's Minute

To win the hero’s minute, try to go to bed with your running clothes already on knowing that you will need to engage in a challenge mind-set when the alarm sounds. With your running clothes already on, you’ll have a physical sensation on your skin that will help ease the transition, providing a r...

Run Stop Run

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking breaks throughout a run when I don’t need them. How do I get out of that habit?

Break down the three components of every habit in this situation: the precursor, the behaviour itself and the consequence.  

What are the exac...

The Far Away Goal

How do you build confidence in yourself in your present state when you are far away from your goal?

Setting sights on massive, long-shot goals can be equally exhilarating and daunting. The most compelling place to start is with the ideas surrounding self-efficacy(w...

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