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4 tips for working with a colleague who lacks self-awareness

4 tips for working with a colleague who lacks self-awareness



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Collaborating with a difficult person

Interpersonal skills are often essential to success in your job. Unfortunately, one of the most difficult personalities to work with is someone who thinks they're the smartest.

When you work with someone who fails to give others space when sharing ideas, you can still find ...

People may behave arrogantly not because they are confident but because they feel insecure. They may be trying to prove themselves.

Instead of trying to put them in their place, you may be able to dissipate their arrogance by validating their contribution. When they raise a...

Maintain your confidence

Sometimes, someone intent on proving they're super smart can make you question your own expertise. You need to feel good about your own contribution to work confidently with others.

Remind yourself of all you can bring to your position and embrace your talents. This can help to keep you fro...

Stand your ground

An egocentric person is often loud and abrasive, and you may find it challenging to get your point across.

You can be direct and constructive: 'Before we close on this, let's find out what others think." Your team will benefit from the diverse opinions. However, the best balance is where ev...

If you have tried what you could, but your colleague is still lacking self-awareness, try to direct your thoughts and attention toward something else.

If you fixate on this person, your anxiety might grow. Instead, keep your distance as much as you can. Try to continue with a thoughtful and...

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