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5 Commandments of Great Business Writing

5 Commandments of Great Business Writing

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Understanding Effective Business Writing

Understanding Effective Business Writing

Great business writing isn't just about style. It's about survival. If your sales copy isn't compelling, people won't buy your products. If your inter-office communications are unclear, that will hold back collaboration. No one will invest in your business if you can't articulate why it's going to succeed. 

Experts have even identified bloated, jargon-filled writing as a warning sign that a company has deeper strategic or execution problems it's trying to paper over with bloviating prose. 


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Business Writing is a Customer Service Problem

Business Writing is a Customer Service Problem

Writing is not about you, your feelings, or your accomplishments. It's about serving the reader. 

You're not the star--the reader is. Help them get what they want, as quickly and effectively as possible. They might want to solve a problem. They might want to be persuaded. Give 'em the goods.


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If the tweet isn't compelling, the rest isn't compelling.



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Sum It Up In A Tweet

  • If you don't start with a clear destination in mind, expressed in the form of a headline or tweet, you're likely to waste a colossal amount of time. 
  • If you can't sum up what you're saying succinctly at the end, you're really in trouble.
  • The ideal tweet absolves the reader from reading further.
  • Summarize the company's business on the back of a business card.


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Writing Is A Time-Intensive Process

Writing Is A Time-Intensive Process

Writing well is an iterative, time-intensive process. 

Two conclusions follow from that truth:

The good news is that it's perfectly fine if your initial draft is garbage (in screenwriting this is memorably called 'a vomit draft'). That's normal. The bad news is making it great, while possible, is going to take much longer than you probably expect. 


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Don't Write Your Thought Process

Don't Write Your Thought Process

 If you don't start with a destination in mind you're going to spend a whole lot of time wandering around on the page looking for your point? Too often writers groping around for something to say then fail to cut out all the evidence of that groping afterwards. The result is unfocused, overlong writing.

The final draft shouldn't mimic the path you took to come up with the idea. Instead, start the piece with a conclusion and make your best case.


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No Bias Or Rhetoric

Are they an 'unruly mob' or 'patriots'? Perhaps neither--just call them by their name. Argue the other side of every word, at least to yourself. Learn more about bias here.

It's important to avoid unintentionally offending people with a poorly thought out word choice, but scrutinizing your text for bias also helps you root out your own unexamined biases and think more logically, which can only be good for you and your business. 


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