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Shake The Feeling That You're A Fraud

Shake The Feeling That You're A Fraud

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The Impostor Phenomenon

Impostor syndrome doesn't go away just because you achieve certain goals or you have a certain resume or you went to a certain school or you worked at a prestigious place.

Even when you're experiencing all these places, imposter syndrome makes you quite...

There are people who tend to overestimate their abilities and some people who tend to underestimate their abilities.

People who feel like impostors tend to underestimate their abilities. Because the impostor phenomenon makes high-achieving feel like they're not as ...

Stop Feeling Like a Fraud: Bring Awareness To The Situation

Awareness is a key factor in helping yourself with the impostor phenomenon.

Before you can work through any of this, you have to be able to identify it and understand it. Naming reality helps you find your way through it. Naming it also means recognizing ot...

Be self-soothing. Try affirmations like: "I'm going to do OK, because I did OK last time. I know enough about this. I don't have to be perfect." 

It's essential to have grace for yourself. No one is perfect. We're all trying the best we can.

Social Causes of The Impostor Syndrome

We must acknowledge the societal impact that influences this feeling.

Different racial and even gender groups are messaged with various things about their place in society. What we see, hear, and read can intensify this phenomenon.

  • Look to people who you are hoping to learn from and accept that you don't have to be an expert. It won't make you look weak.
  • Create community and build up your support system.
  • Ask your friends not to say, "you're going to do great; don't ...

Less Judgment, More Curiosity

Take a break when the pressure is high and be curious about how you're feeling.

Don't judge yourself. Take some deep breaths. Get a good night's sleep when you can, or take a nap if that helps. If exercise is your thing, you can do that, too - whatever healthy choice yo...

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