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5 Ways (That Aren't Coffee or a Nap) to Boost Your Afternoon Energy

5 Ways (That Aren't Coffee or a Nap) to Boost Your Afternoon Energy



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Take Two Deep Breaths

Deep breathing is good for you all the time (and can also help you get to sleep at night)

Consciously engaging your diaphragm and slowing your breathing can also resettle and revive you when you're feeling listless after lunch. 

Purposeful breathing can trigger your parasympathetic sy...

Read a chapter of fiction

There are specific reasons you might want to enjoy a chapter of that new page-turner before getting back to your desk after lunch. 

Disconnecting, focusing on something else, and then re-engaging can pry you out of that state of being stuck or demoralised in dealing with what you're dealing...

Up your snack game

A lot of folks snack to get through the afternoon slump. How well that works depends not just on what you eat. Taking the time to prepare yourself a visually appealing, healthy plate can help refocus your mind and body for the rest of the day.

Take an organisation break

Your space has an outsize impact on your mood which you can use that to your advantage.

Tidying or organizing the physical space around you might feel like a little thing, but it's a way to physically and proactively attend to yourself and care for your space.

Create an afternoon transition ritual

Rituals might seem like hocus-pocus, but modern psychology shows they can radically impact our state of mind nonetheless.

Use that knowledge to beat stress, set yourself up for a more productive workday, or mentally wind down at night.

The content of your ritual is up to you. But whet...

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