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How To Ease Some Of The Vicarious Trauma You May Be Feeling Right Now

How To Ease Some Of The Vicarious Trauma You May Be Feeling Right Now


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Constant Mental Trauma

Thanks to social media, news reports and violent images that bombard us at all hours, we often experience what experts call vicarious trauma when a horrific event occurs. It’s in our physiological nature as human beings to feel some amount of empathy and sorrow for others dealing with a t...

Follow trusted sources

Disinformation spreads like wildfire during times of crisis. Make sure you’re following credible sources and engaging with confirmed reports, tweets and other content).

If possible, try to find multiple sources confirming the same information before you share or even necessarily belie...

Set  Boundaries to Prevent Excessive Doomscrolling

It’s unrealistic to suggest logging off entirely, but it’s vital to set some boundaries when it comes to social media. Stay informed, then give your brain a break.

For example, try setting aside a block of time to check in on the news. If you find your...

Keep a Normal Routine

Do everything within your power to stick to your normal schedule. That includes bedtimes, wake times, working if you’re able to handle it, and any other regular aspects of your routine.

During tragic events, we feel a loss of control in our lives and everything going o...

Move Your Body

Our emotions need a physical outlet. To relieve some of that anxiety and tension, try gently moving your body.

This could mean going for a walk, doing some light stretching, taking a home boxing class, or whatever it is that helps you feel good. The idea is less about...

Cry If You Need To

It’s not frivolous to feel affected by what’s happening in the world right now. Suppressing anything you might be feeling only contributes to poor mental health.

Experts emphasize that it’s vital to acknowledge how you’re feeling, instead of dismissing it in the hopes of g...

Be Mindful of Your Other Coping Mechanisms

You should definitely be aware of these habits and be mindful of when they might turn into something insidious.

If you’re turning to alcohol or other unhealthy coping mechanisms as a crutch, you should reach out to a professional or someone who can help you process what’s happening in ...

Reach Out To Your Loved Ones Or A Professional

This could be to your therapist, your loved ones, your co-workers or anyone you trust when it comes to sharing your feelings. Support systems are crucial during periods of unrest and trauma.

Pay attention to how you feel and behave in the coming days. If you notice you...

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