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How good are your internal operations—really?

How good are your internal operations—really?


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A clear picture of service processes

Transparency is indispensable for understanding business processes and developing opportunities for improvement.

Companies increasingly look to automate areas. But getting a clear picture of service processes is a challenge, such as measuring capacity, accu...

The process insights approach

Many new digital tools help companies to monitor how work is done. AI, machine learning, and computer vision are new tools that enable observation and help analyse with granularity.

Companies can test historical assumptions and hypotheses before committing resources...

Process insights will capture the activities by using tools to record them while it is being performed. This data collection allows for quick diagnoses and documentation and enables a company to automate the start and endpoint for the process.

The process insights appro...

Many companies think technology is a solution, but it's not in itself. When used with a process insights approach, tech solutions assist with gathering information and analysis on a different level.

Digital technologies enable fine-tuning in implementation. When monitoring ...

Example of process insights

An Asia telcos wanted to expand its robotic process automation program and automate a huge percentage of process work. The company wanted to equip every employee with a robot assistant.

At first, the company could not find a way to capture more than $5 million out of a $40 million savings o...

The process insights approach supports short-term and longer-term, more strategic benefits.

  • Companies can gain a clear view of work that has strategic value. The discovery can reveal the complexity of processes and can influence decisions about outsourcing, automating ...

How to get started

Companies can start by considering three questions:

  1. What important capabilities do we want to build?
  2. What skills and resources do we have to support the process?
  3. What practical matters must we settle—such as software requirements?

  • Start with a hypothesis-driven approach regarding where to unlock value.
  • Select the right tool for the job. Identify a suite of technologies that can help you manage operations holistically.
  • Embed the technology in an overarching deli...

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