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How to Get More Committed to Yourself - zen habits

How to Get More Committed to Yourself - zen habits

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While it is easy to show up to appointments we make with other people … I’ve noticed that most people struggle with commitments they make with themselves.

If you say you’re going to exercise, meditate, write, journal, work on a project … but then you don’t stick to that commitment … it can feel like you’re letting yourself down.

We start to form the mental habit of letting ourselves off the hook, so that we don’t trust ourselves to stick to our own commitments, if other people aren’t involved. This creates a belief that we aren’t as important to ourselves as other people are.


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Get Curious About What’s Going On

Get Curious About What’s Going On

Before we try to shift anything, it’s important to really get curious about what’s there. We try to change things about ourselves from a place of judgment, wanting to get rid of what’s bad, rather than really trying to understand ourselves.

So start by noticing, when you don’t show up for yourself, what’s going on? What are you feeling at that moment? What are your thoughts? Instead of judging and turning away from all of this, can you turn towards it and try to really see yourself?

From this place of acceptance and love, we can start to explore other possibilities.


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Some Steps to Start to Get More Committed to Yourself

Some Steps to Start to Get More Committed to Yourself

  • Make a date with yourself
  • Ask yourself if you really want to.
  • Treat your self-commitment as sacred. Don’t treat it lightly
  • Honor what shows up, and honor yourself.
  • Bring a sense of curiosity, play, appreciation.


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