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Survival experts and professional preppers give their tips on how to survive a zombie invasion.


How to survive a real-life Walking Dead apocalypse

How to survive a real-life Walking Dead apocalypse


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Learning from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has taught us that it's not easy to survive in an undead wasteland.

The last couple of years has shown us that a zombie apocalypse is perhaps not that far-fetched. Real survival experts and experienced preppers can give us tips for surviving a doomsday scenario.

John Ramey, the founder of survivalist company The Prepared, doesn't recommend putting your money into a bunker. Instead, we should focus on making our existing homes and communities more resilient. Your home is your castle. It's your base for any emergency.

If you had to l...

Be well stocked with basic supplies

Basic supplies include food, water, health, communication, first aid supplies, hygiene supplies. You need a gallon of water per person per day and filtering products to make water safe to drink.

Keep a 'bug out bag'. It is a bag of essential supplies you ca...

Skills to use your supplies

You will need first aid and a core medical understanding of cleaning and dressing a wound. For example, if Daryl from The Walking Dead gets hit in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt, how will you handle it?

Outdoor survival skills are also essential. Can you...

At some point, you may be forced to leave the house and find shelter elsewhere. Would you know where to go?

If a zombie apocalypse happens, you will need community as community wins most of the time compared to being alone. We are not machines. We get sick, we need to sleep...

How you deal with zombies depend on what kind you meet. If you get into a confrontation with a slow one, just move around them. But if you meet a fast-mover, you know there is more. So you have to turn to stealth. Move in the shadows, underground, in any way to avoid them.

Make use of dogs,...



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