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Pop! is a lively, fun, and inspiring guide to getting heard, getting remembered, and getting results.

Pop!: Stand Out in Any Crowd

Pop!: Stand Out in Any Crowd

by Sam Horn


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POP!: The Premise

In today’s information-saturated age, people are often too preoccupied to notice what you’re offering unless it’s packaged and presented appealingly enough to break through all the noise.

  • When people ask, “What do you do?” or “Why should I buy this?” it’s your job to m...

The Nine Ws You Need To Ask Yourself

You need to answer the “9 Ws” for your message/product/service:

  • What am I offering?
  • What problem does my idea or offering solve?
  • Why is it worth trying and buying?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • Who am I and what are my credentials?
  • Who are my compet...

Your Pitch: The Three Requirements

  • The first requirement of a POP pitch is to be purposeful. People need to be absolutely sure of what you do/offer from your image/introduction/slogans alone. Examples of memorable slogans are given.
  • A pitch also needs to be original or one of a kind. ...

Word-y Techniques

The “alphabetizing technique” is where you take some of the “core words” relating to your product/service/message and make them more original by going through the alphabet and changing the sound of the first syllable.

A bar used the alphabetizing technique with their “h...

Try to “capture conversational catchphrases.”

Pick up on unique phrases used in your industry or in relation to your message/product.

Build a Rewarding Career, Job Search Techniques sounds dull but  I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not...

Using Humor

Anytime we elicit a laugh, people are more likely to like us and whatever it is we’re offering.

Use all sorts of humour (except adult, rude, offensive) in your message and pitches. Trashy newspaper headlines, etc.

Rearrange clichés to end up with fresh sounding phrases. For example,

Two To Tango

The “Half-and-Half Technique” is when you make columns of related words that are based on your message and then try combinations of them. This is a common technique for coming up with domain names.

Blend two words into one, like giraffiti, staremaster, Internut etc.


The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth

Saying The Unexpected

The “contraband” technique is when you take a contrary position in a message, such as a “TV is good for your kids” or an upside-down Christmas tree (“leaves more room on the floor for gifts!”) .

Difference stands out.

Think “how can I introduce something that causes peopl...

Sounds Good To The Ears!

  • Alliteration is given as a technique to make powerful titles. Examples: Weight Watchers, King Kong, Boombox, Dirt Devil.
  • Do remember to never sacrifice clear for clever.
  • Change a message to fit a beat or natural-sounding flow if one presents itself (e.g. rhymes).

Keeping The Interest: Storify

  • Make your content come alive with first-person stories.
  • Examples are better than explanations.
  • Re-enact stories rather than “telling” them. Be visceral and active in your storytelling.
  • People remember stories, even if they don't remember anything else.

The Power Of Quotes

  • Comb newspapers for current quotes.
  • Quote yourself, if you wish.
  • Quotations are a quick way to establish precedence. (And to validate ideas.)
  • Open eyes, ears, hearts, and minds with Aha! quotes.
  • Craft a memorable money phase. “Show me the money” from ...

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