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Are Your Employees Languishing? Try Piquing Their Curiosity

Are Your Employees Languishing? Try Piquing Their Curiosity

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Curiosity and employee experience

Curiosity and employee experience

Curiosity can help employees perform better, reduce stress and burnout, and forge meaningful connections at work.

At a time when companies are struggling to re-engage an exhausted workforce and retain workers in a tight job market, managers can tap into curiosity to help boost employee happiness and jumpstart innovation.


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Networking can be awkward

  • Many organizations try to get employees to mix within and across groups, hoping new insights will emerge.
  • Social anxiety hampers some people from stretching themselves.
  • Productivity goals can also get in the way of workers following an intriguing idea.
  • Employees worry they risk being criticized if they pursue novel ideas on the clock.


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Curiosity broadens networks

  • In a study, after receiving the curiosity-piquing missives, employees were more likely to send messages to people outside their immediate departments and to people in the company they'd never contacted before.
  • The "network churn" increased by 19 percentage points in response to an additional "curiosity" email, compared to 14 percentage points for executives in the control group.


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Little nudges with big impact

  • In a second study, the research team applied the same approach to about 300 adults in a variety of industries but used text messages instead of email.
  • When asked about their networking afterward, respondents reported reaching out to more new contacts when their curiosity was piqued-on average 7.3 new contacts over a month compared to 4.5 for those who did not receive the messages.


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How managers can put curiosity to work

  • Managers should formally work curiosity into learning goals as part of employee performance.
  • Curiosity causes us to ask and engage and talk across differences, so we can work to leverage our unique perspectives.
  • Another way to spur curiosity is through managers modeling it themselves.


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