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There are five building blocks anyone can use to immediately become much funnier.

How To Be Effortlessly Hilarious

How To Be Effortlessly Hilarious

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Adopt different characters

Dave Chappelle is one of the funniest people alive. His humour works for the vast majority of people.

Dave adopts different characters as he tells stories in his stand-up routines. It maximises the value of your punchlines.

What makes his normal speaking and storytel...

A pause plus your voice tone creates humour. There's no punchline necessary. Silence at the moment of maximum tension drives home the punchline.

While this is very difficult to master, one way to immediately punch up your humour is to leave extra silence in front of...

Adopt the tone and mannerisms of the character

What makes Dave's normal speaking and storytelling so captivating is that he doesn't speak in monotone. He emphasises different words and adds different tones when he's speaking.

You can immediately improve your storytelling, especially if it's humorous, by speaking as if you're reading a b...

This is when you use your tone to create the expectation of one punchline, then throw a completely different one.

For example, leading with a serious and literal tone to an obviously silly and false punchline. Or, if you meet someone in a social environment and they ask you what you do for ...

People connect over shared laughter

Most people think that people connect over things like logistics. For example, they share where they grew up, what they do for work, or how they spend their free time. 

However, people connect over shared laughter. Allowing yourself to be silly with a tongue-in-cheek respon...

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