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Don’t convince. Inspire! - Lessons on storytelling by Petra Wille

Don’t convince. Inspire! - Lessons on storytelling by Petra Wille


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Why Stories Are Important

Perfect storytelling through childhood stories helps us get what we want. Humans love to listen to stories because they entertain and captivate us as well as trigger essential hormones. Oxycontin causes us to build trust, generosity, and a personal connection. Endorphins ...

What Stories Do

A story can be used to unite people as it allows one person to get others excited. Companies with iconic brands are good at telling stories, yet most organizations are unaware that good storytelling can help solve problems.

Creating and Telling a Good Story

A good story paints a picture of a desirable future. It makes it clear why someone should become part of this future and suggests a common goal with just enough information to make the next steps clear for listeners. 

For product managers, this means getting others to buy into a strategy an...

Craft Your Story: Tips

  • Make time: A good story can save hours of meeting times trying to convince stakeholders. 
  • Overcome the fear of the blank page: Start with a simple solution of “We want to ___. In order to ___. Because if we don’t, ___.”
  • Decid...

Making Your Message Stick

There are three ways to get your message or story across: written, spoken, or illustrated. A short story should be no more than 150 words or 75 seconds.

A medium story should be 900 words or 6 minutes long and can be broken down into three acts of a play of 300 words each. In this approach...

The key takeaways from this talk are that humans automatically think in stories and good stories trigger something in us. They can be useful to facilitate group work, and storytelling...

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