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Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter To You

Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter To You

by John Hall


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"When helping others becomes the framework through which you interact with the world, you’ll find yourself at the top of many minds."


"If you can tangibly improve your target audience’s quality of life, even in ways that seem minute, they’ll begin to think of you as a positive force in their lives. Do this consistently and your audience will reward you with top-of-mind status."

What being top of mind means

Being authentic, honest, and truthful is your best promotion, because if your customers trust you, then you will be the first thing that comes to their minds in case they need your goods or services.

  • Since today’s customers are not passive; they are even more suspicious of salespeople who don’t ask for permission to invade their privacy; a salesperson's job isn’t anymore that of a marketing rep, but the far more humble and noble of being a friend.
  • Customers today...


"Authenticity is the foundation of your relationship with your audience. But for the relationship to flourish, it’s not enough to simply be authentic; you also have to deliver tangible value."

Selling 101 has morphed into Altruism 101

To get to your customers’ “top of mind,” you need to earn their approval. And you can do that the very same way you would get the approval of people you’d like to be your friends: by expressing genuine concern about their likes and dislikes, by establishing a type of communication between...


"When you educate people, you are empowering them. … Content’s potential as an educational tool is limitless. Use it to share whatever knowledge you have that others will find valuable."

Staying in touch with the needs of your audience and sharing information they can use is one of the best ways to give to and help them.

The most scalable way to help them is through creating and publishing content. You can exponentially expand the number of ways you can he...

Create a writing ritual

Creating written content is a daunting task for many of us, from the solopreneur to the CEO. Lack of time and inspiration keeps us procrastinating and pushing this critical activity further down our to-do lists. Fear of being a bad writer also sabotages our efforts.


"Like helpfulness, authentic likability is a practice. It can’t be forced, but it can be developed through everyday thoughts and actions."

  • Likability matters. It’s hard to trust someone you don’t like. Finding that balance starts with understanding yourself and your personality and exactly what kind of “likable” you want to be.
  • Familiarity is the other side of the likability coin—it evokes a sen...

Brand and thought leadership

If you treat your brand as an afterthought, you’re simply fortifying the barriers between yourself and opportunity creation. A vibrant, flourishing brand is one of your most powerful tools in creating trust and opportunity.

Take a look at Tesla. If you’re not a luxury e...

Have you ever read an article that feels like it was written especially for you? Maybe it answers a specific question you’ve had on your mind for a while or it gives you some piece of advice that seems tailor-made to your life situation.


Education is the most important trust point

That is because knowledge is power. When you educate people, you are empowering them.

One of the most effective and easily scalable ways to unify these practices is through high-quality digital content.

Content’s potential as an educational to...

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This book is a delightful blend of inspiration and advice that businesses can follow to create an actionable content business model. It describes a six-step model you can use to do your marketing long before you need it, without even having a product, or spending a lot of money, so your entrepreneurial venture will be a guaranteed success.



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