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How to control your mind | 5 ways you can go with

How to control your mind | 5 ways you can go with

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How To Control Your Mind

How To Control Your Mind

What could be the worst case scenario when your mind is not working as you want.

One of the most irritating things is when you want to do something and then miss out because you are feeling lazy or bored.

Our mind is very mischievous and it doesn't want to do hard work and that's why he never advises us to do that.

But the first rule of success is incomplete without hardwork, so what can be the best way to control your mind ?To control your thoughts & your emotions.


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Working of our mind

It's hard to get to the solution before knowing about the problem, even a doctor does a body checkup before medicine.

Our brain is like a mischievous monkey 🐒 who just kuma from one thought to another, from past memories to future tensions.

Whenever you try to make him quiet it will Start producing more and more thoughts just like a rubber ball.

Know what to do ?How to control our mind so that it can stay attentive?


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1. Say no to tempting thoughts

This is something that not everyone can do in order to live stress free and to develop a good presence of mind. Sometimes it's better to say no. 

Our brain craves, he craves for enjoyment, he craves for fun but is it possible every time ? obviously no.

So suppose you are scrolling down social media and you have set a fixed time of 20 min then your mind will force you to scroll more reels or post.

But at this time you must realise that it's a time to say no because you are wasting your time.


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2. Be hard on yourself

You may have observed that whenever you get something big to complete or when you have a lot of time then your mind becomes lazy.

When you try to do that work you actually feel that i don't want to do it or i will do it later.

This is something that everyone faces and gets into . It's hard but you can't ever make your comfort zone more precious than your work.

If something can be done then do it right now because nobody knows what's going to happen.


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3. Positive distractions can bring changes

Many times I have said that control your distractions don't get distracted easily but this time you have to do it just the opposite.

Whenever you feel that you can't resist and your thoughts are making you weak then distract yourself.

What can be the biggest distraction then smartphone but you have to go for positive distractions.

Positive distractions include having a walk, spending time with your loved ones, having a fun ride and something enjoyable.


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4. Write your thoughts

It's hard to stay attentive when a lot of thoughts are running in your mind and everyone knows how irritating and stressful this is.

So the best way to do it is to write it down in a paper or in a diary. This will give you relief and you can stay happy.

Even psychology says that when you write down your thoughts or when you share them with your friends then it reduces your stress and you  feel relaxed.


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5. Practice Meditation

On how to control your mind you can't forget one of the game changer keys and that is meditation.

Meditation is second to none. You may be stressed, depressed but meditation is the best medicine.

If you are looking for a sharp & active mind then you must try it. Not for an hour, just for 10 min in the morning.

So when a medicine or treatment doesn't work, the doctor comes up with a new treatment.


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It's hard to defeat your mischievous mind but remember he is the only one standing between you and your success.

Don't be in a chain of tempting thoughts, boring days this is the time to work for your goals.

That's all.


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary


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