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Putting It Out There

Putting It Out There



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Successful Self-Promotion: The Factors

Goal(s): What are you trying to achieve.

Horizon: What's the time frame for success.

Investment: How much time and/or money will you need to put in.

ROI: Look at how the level of effort compares to the perceived...

A Recognizable Campaign

Focus on a signature achievement, recognizable expertise, or persona - and then market the heck out of it for years.


  • Recognizable campaigns such as "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful"
  • Powerful speeches such as Eva Galperin given at TedWomen

Show Your Skills

Create something you're known for and that can be consumed by or engaged with others.

There’s usually a creative idea or handle, and commonly appears as video or audio content.

Curation: curate a community that people want to be a part of.


The Stunt

Advertising people know the power of the marketing stunt, a PR-worthy activity that captures the spirit of what your brand is all about or puts an exclamation point on the promise you want to make.

This is right out of an ad agency playbook but applied to individuals: Do what others ha...

The Machine

  • Workhorse approach that believes sweat and consistency pay off
  • Post every day on Linkedin.
  • Write an article every two days on Medium
  • Create a newsletter on Substack or Linkedin

Examples: Scott Monty's Weekly Newsletter Timeless & Timel...

The Team

Don’t go it alone. Instead, team up with folks who are complementary and collaborative. It could also be an individual, a trio, or a village that works together. It can be more fun than going solo. It’s also far more rare.

Examples: The Holderness Family’s Wordle videos, Unf_nish_d Biz,...

Return On Investment

  • Each archetype has a different return on investment when you consider the level of effort and level of impact.
  • You want to avoid things that are high effort, low impact and low effort yet low impact.

Consider the following: Distribution, Website, Editing, Mailing list...

Supporting With The Right Capabilities

Here is a typical ecosystem of platforms to enable self-promotion:

Distribution:  Anchor, owned by Spotify. It has some basic editing and sound effect features and is free to use with some basic analytics.

Website: A podsite service called Podpage.

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