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Eat Move Sleep

Eat Move Sleep

by Tom Rath


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"Every day invest more time and energy into good food, activity with friends, and quality sleep."


"One less hour of sleep does not equal more productivity or enjoyment."


"Every hour of sleep is a positive investment, not an expense."

Make Inactivity Your Enemy

  • Exercise isn’t about the total amount of sweat you produce each week, your body only cares about not being inactive for a long stretch of time. 
  • If you sit for six hours a day, even working out for two hours afterward won’t reverse the health damage you’ve done.

The quality of what you eat matters far more than the overall quantity.

The researchers discovered that the types of foods you consume influence your health more than your total caloric intake.

Don't Sacrifice Sleep

One less hour of sleep does not equal an extra hour of achievement or enjoyment. The exact opposite occurs.

When you lose an hour of sleep, it decreases your well-being, productivity, health, and ability to think. Yet people continue to sacrifice sleep before all else.

  • Eating it releases dopamine, which gives you a “high” feeling and makes it addictive.
  • The more you eat, the more you want. You build a tolerance, meaning you have to eat more each time, in order to get that dopamine hit again.
  • Sugar is candy for cance...

Making Small Adjustments

  • Ask yourself if the next food you put in your mouth is a net gain or a net loss. Repeat throughout the day.
  • Eliminate an hour of chair time from your daily routine.
  • Gradually add sleep to your nightly schedule in 15-minute increments. Continu...

Most people eat more carbohydrates than they need and not enough protein.

  • Try to find foods that have a ratio of 1 gram of carbohydrates to 1 gram of protein.
  • At a minimum stay away from foods with a 5:1 ratio. Most chips are 10:1.


“Each ounce you consume is either a net positive or a net negative by the time it runs through your body. You don't get healthier by simply trying to eat better in general. You improve your health on a bite-by-bite basis.”

Staying Healthy

  • The total intake of fruits and vegetables is a robust indicator of your happiness.
  • Every time you go to the store, start by loading up on fruits and vegetables with dark vibrant colors.
  • When disruptions threaten your regular schedule,

  • All carbohydrates convert to sugar in your bloodstream. The more refined they are the faster they convert.
  • Avoid processed and refined carbs as much as possible. Carbs stimulate dopamine in your brain.
  • Replace chips, crackers, and snack bars with nuts, seeds, apples, celery, ...

  • Make every meal last at least 20 minutes. Nothing good comes from eating fast.
  • Eating fast introduces extra air into your stomach.
  • Force yourself to put the fork down between bites.
  • Learn to enjoy the process of eating correctly.

Food Combinations

  • When you are offered complimentary bread with a meal, ask for a healthy alternative or simply pass.
  • Eliminate one type of red or processed meat from your diet for good.
  • Butter is healthier than bread. A couple of pieces of bread can increase blood sugar as much as a candy bar...

Keep your bedroom two to four degrees cooler at night. See if it helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

If a room is too warm your body will think it is time to get up.

Daily Choices

The most influential choices you make for your health occur at the grocery store.

Once you put something in your cart, it is likely to end up in your stomach. Shop when you are full whenever practical.

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It turns out that nothing is more critical to our health, happiness, and productivity than having a good night’s sleep, with adequate quality and time.



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What if you could move beyond your current reality to experience a higher form of awareness, one that brought you into contact with your own infinite potential as a creative, emotional, intelligent being? The fact is, you can. There is something more to life, and it's accessible to each of us if we can learn to tap into it.



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